Seems to me that you are right.
        I'm also looking at the testcase and trying to count everything up. It's not well documented as to what it's trying to do and what it's expecting in error though. There's also only 5 members of exp_enos[] and it' seems to be running 10 testcases based on wr_iovec[]. But there's only 8 block#: statements.
        Shaobo, feel up to doing a little cleanups? :)


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Subject:        [LTP] writev01

I test writev01 on mips. Looks like there is a bug in program writev01.c.
May someone please confirm.

version: ltp-20020607
file: ltp-20020607/testcases/kernel/syscalls/writev/writev01.c

line 386:
if ((ret = writev(fd[0], (wr_iovec + 12), 5)) != CHUNK) {

should be:
if ((ret = writev(fd[0], (wr_iovec + 12), 4)) != CHUNK) {

since '5' exceeds the wr_iovec limite.

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