wrote on 02/15/2007 05:43:00 AM:

> Hi all,
> In the Apache Derby project (a relational database system implemented
> in Java, see we are using the ltp
> project's DOTS (Database Open Source Test Suite) v1.1.1 for some
> testing of the database engine and client/server functionality.
> I'm wondering, what is the status of the DOTS part of the ltp? Is it
> being maintained?


>Is anyone using it besides us, that you know of? Has
> it been updated at all since v1.1.1 (2003)?

Yes/Yes...a few cvs updates, but nothing major.

> >From inspecting the source code of DOTS 1.1.1 and running the ATCJ2
> test, we have discovered a few bugs in DOTS. Is there any point in
> reporting these bugs to you (ltp)? long as they come with a fix. The people who use to work on DOTS
for us have moved on, so we really don't have any way of debugging the application.

> Thanks,
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> John
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