I agree with Peter's assessment.   I will check to see if AIX has been compiled with gcc.

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05/18/2004 12:48 PM

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        Subject:        Re: [Ltp-coverage] LTP Gcov-kernel Extension AIX Port


Robert He wrote:
> I was looking upon the LTP webpage and was curious to see if there is
> any progress towards porting this project to AIX?

To my knowledge there is currently no work being done of porting the
Linux GCOV-kernel patch to AIX.

> I am interested to see if this is a feasible idea and if it is, what
> obstacles will be present?

I am not familiar with AIX, but I can describe the basic requirements
for implementing a mechanism similar to the GCOV-kernel patch on other
operating systems:
- the operating system kernel has to be compiled using the GNU GCC compiler
- a means of transporting data from kernel space to user space has to be
present, ideally a virtual filesystem (the GCOV-kernel patch uses the
/proc filesystem facility of Linux).

If AIX fulfills both these requirements then there is a chance of using
GCOV for code coverage analysis on that operating sytem, though you'd
have to apply major changes to the Linux GCOV-kernel patch.

  Peter Oberparleiter

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