The Linux Test Project test suite <> has
been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2900+ tests  
for the Linux   OS. Our web site also contains other information such as:
 - A Linux test tools matrix
 - Technical papers
 - How To's on Linux testing
 - Code coverage analysis tool.

Release Highlights:

- Code Clean ups by Mike Frysinger, Mike Gahangan, and Olof Johansson

We encourage the community to post results to,
and patches, new tests, or comments/questions to

See ChangeLog Below

-Added a patch from Darrick Wong to reduce the memory requirements of
 pounder's ramsnake
-Added a patch for crash01.c from Olof Johansson <>
 POWER5 has coherent icache, but POWER4, PPC970 and some other processors
 lack it. The standard dcbst/icbi/isync is needed to avoid using the not
 so random (or stale) data instead.
-Test.h was moved to common headers to eliminate the need for every test file to
 declare Tst_count extern
-Usctest.h was changed to eliminate scope issues when actually using TEST()
-Added a patch from Mike Gahangan to clean up a makefile with an extra build
 target variable.
-Added a patch from Issac Wilcox that can keeps the test from returning a false
-Made changes to setregid02, setregid03 and setregid04 to use gid_t instead
 of int where appropriate
-Made changes to setresgid01, setresgid02,setresgid03, setresuid01,setresuid02,
 and setresuid03  to pull the [gs]etre* prototypes from headers rather than
 defining them ourself
-Made changes to setreuid01,setreuid02,setreuid03,setreuid04,and setreuid05
 to use uid_t instead of int where appropriate
- Added a change to getpriority01 to combine the TEST_RETURN and TEST_ERRNO
  if check so that we always display PASS or FAIL messages as pointed out
  by Isaac Wilcox
- Added a patch to make the output of fork07 deterministic.
  Specifically, make sure stdout is flushed before forking 100 times,
  else you can get 101 copies of the output.  This only seems to happen
  if glibc notices that stdout is a regular file, but in my test setup
  stdout is always redirected to a file and compared with something.
-Changed the declaration for setup and cleanup from extern in the
 following files:

 pause01,read01,readlink02, readlink03,rename02,rmdir04,select03,setgid01,