Thousands of Consumables Products On Their Way...


We have over 45,000 Products from Fisher Scientifics Inventory on their way to our warehouse now.. We want to give all customers the opportunity to purchase these before they arrive!

Call our Office to place your order. Orders are being taken on a first come, first serve basis, so you better hurry!

Just a few of the Products are described in this email, however, an excel spreadsheet of the entire list is available online for your convenience.

Propane Blower

Extraction Disk Cartridges

3 Place Combo Mantle




Brand New
List Price: $1272.98

Brand New
List Price: $112.64

Brand New 3 Place Combo Mantle List Price: $1360.00

pH Meter with Kit Combo

Digital Syringe Model 1702N

IKA Overhead Stirrer High Torque




Brand New Model 455
List Price: $2992.70

Brand New Digital Syringe
List Price: $598.40

Brand New IKA Overhead Stirrer High Torque
List Price: $2650.73

All Products must be Sold on a "Subject To Availibility" Basis due to the nature of the entire shipment. (There are literally thousands of products on their way, some may not be available due to damages in shipment). We will however, attempt to find you a replacement should this occur.

Hurry and call Now!, Just call our office at 919-661-8030, and give one of our sales representative the Fisher Catalog number you are interested in, your information will be placed onto a list, and when they arrive, they will be shipped out in the order your order was received. The trucks will be arriving daily, so order Now!


Liane Tavernier, Sales Manager
Best Lab Deals

voice: 919-661-8030