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From: hake huang <>
Date: 2011/8/26
Subject: Re: [LTP] Ltp-list Digest, Vol 63, Issue 22
To: Cyril Hrubis <>

the log

#mmap1 -x 0.01
mmap1       0  TINFO  :  created thread[726717552]
mmap1       0  TINFO  :  pid[5117]: map, change contents, unmap files 1000 times
mmap1       0  TINFO  :  created thread[736490608]
mmap1       0  TINFO  :  pid[5117] - read contents of memory 0x2bf02000 1000 times
mmap1       0  TINFO  :  page fault occurred at 0x2ab27000
caught unexpected signal - 11 --- exiting



2011/8/25 Cyril Hrubis <>
> I test LTP in arm, cortex-a9 which is 4 core system, and find that the mmap1
> of memtest06, failed. when I check the LTP mail list and find this patch
> however, when I apply this patch, I can still see the same problem but with
> less frequency. It looks like the write process and read process are running
> on different core, when write process unmap and remap the address, and the
> other process is read at the same time.
> So any suggestions?

There is probably a race condition, what is exact output from the test
on the failure?

Cyril Hrubis