I am working with a Fortran program and utilizing gcov/lcov/genhtml to produce coverage statistics for the code, and I was just wondering if there is a quick way to fix the fact that lcov does not seem to count lines ending in '&' as being 'hit'. I'm sure you may have heard this before, but I've noticed that all multiple-line commands only get hit on a single line even though lcov counts the remaining lines in the statement.

For example, if I have an statement such as (copied directly from my genhtml file):

    2478          30 :       if (initial.eq.2) deallocate(ibound,ispec,n1fn,n2fn,n3fn,&
    2479           0 :             bcvalue1,bcvalue2,bcvalue3,drops,ndfn,fdrops,ndffn,&
    2480           0 :             hmga,nhmfn,gvalue,ngfn,kbnd,npts,asink,sinkk,&
    2481          21 :             dxsink,abscis,ordint,ainjt)

It doesn't count the 2nd and 3rd line as being hit, which skews the overall coverage stats.

Again, I'm sure this has been brought to your attention before and it's likely I'm not specifying a certain option when generating my .html files, but I was just wondering if you had any advice about this issue.

Thank you,
Taylor Blyth