Is this list still active? I have a question about using lcov.

I have a rather large project and I compile it from one directory into another:
source = /foo/bar
dest = /bas

In this setup am able to run gcov just fine by specifying full paths to sources in "-b" and full path to gcno files in "-o" like so:
gcov -b /foo/bar/path/to/source/file.cpp -o /bas/CMakeFiles/lib.dir/path/to/source/file.cpp.gcno

and this produces the expected output. The issue I hit is when I try to use the lcov tool. It runs fine but for some files it complains it cannot read them
sipezsnodepart0.cpp:cannot open source file
../oagdbengine/sip/oag_objects.sip:cannot open source file
../farelist/sip/farelist.sip:cannot open source file
../common/sip/common.sip:cannot open source file
../farevalidator/sip/frvlib.sip:cannot open source file

but the tool continues fine. And then when I run genhtml that tool breaks with something like this:
genhtml: ERROR: cannot open /home/george/ezsearch/codeCoverageDebug/CMakeFiles/common/sip/common.sip for reading!

obviously the tool tries to load the source from the destination directory where the code is built. 

Is there a way to point the tool to a different base for the sources?

Thanks in advance,