Hi colleagues,
    I'm trying to build the LTP, and am running into a problem when the top-level Makefile is trying to build the "pan" target.
    Here are the details:
    1. I'm trying to build the 20050405 version of the LTP.
    2. I'm cross-compiling/linking on a Sun/Solaris host for an embedded 32-bit PowerPC/Linux target.
    3. I've modified the top-level makefile to point to the appropriate version of gcc, ar, etc., and have set CROSS_FLAGS equal to nothing, as I'm cross-compiling for a 32-bit, not 64-bit, target. Otherwise the top-level makefile (and everything else) are unchanged.
    4. The "lib" target builds successfully.
    5. When the Makefile attempts to build the "pan" target, all the compiles succeed, but the link fails with ld complaining that it cannot find the library -lnss_dss.
    I've never heard of libnss_dss before, and, after a bit of poking around, haven't been able to figure out either what it is or where it might be installed. (I note that the Makefile also attempts to link in -lnss_files, another library that's news to me.)
    Any help you can provide with this problem (i.e., failure to link "pan" successfully) would be greatly appreciated.
    Best regards,
    Ben Krepp
    e-mail: r1aafx@freescale.com or ben.krepp@cportcorp.com