On 1/11/07, Peter Oberparleiter <oberparleiter@googlemail.com> wrote:
Ashok kumar wrote:
> while installing gcov-proc.o or any other modules, i am getting this
> following error.
> /lib/modules/2.4.21-gcov/kernel/drivers/gcov/gcov-proc.o: unresolved
> symbol __bb_init_func

That version of the gcov-kernel patch does not work if CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y is specified. Try recompiling your kernel with CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=n.

Alternatively you can change all occurrences of EXPORT_SYMBOL in the gcov-kernel patch to EXPORT_SYMBOL_NOVERS, though other problems may occur at a later stage.

yes, this really helps me.


  Peter Oberparleiter