Yes, without the "O" option, everything is OK. I just want to know why gcov kernel patch will cause this difference.
Whatever, thank you.

On 7/7/06, Peter Oberparleiter <> wrote:
Xie Qin wrote:
> On 7/7/06, *Peter Oberparleiter* <
> <>> wrote:
>     Xie Qin wrote:
>     >   CC [M]  drivers/atm/fore200e_pca_fw.o
>     > gcc: /mnt/hda8/study/kernel/linux-
>     > 2.6.16_gcovt/drivers/atm/fore200e_pca_fw.c: No such file or directory
>     > gcc: no input files

> I have tried this way before I post this email. the original kernel
> source code can be compiled successfully with "O" option. But, after the
> gcov-kernel patch is used, it will fail.

At a closer look it turns out that the source file that is missing is auto-generated by some particular Makefile magic of this driver. If there's no particular need, I would recommend not using the O= option of the kernel in this case to see if this helps.