2007/5/25, Sachin P. Sant <sachinp@in.ibm.com>:
Maxim Uvarov wrote:
> Forgot to add you for second patch.
> Forwarding.
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> From: Maxim Uvarov <muvarov@gmail.com >
> Date: 24.05.2007 15:31
> Subject: [Patch][LTP] kdump: summary script and reboot after failes
> To: subrata.modak@in.ibm.com
> Cc: ltp-list@lists.sourceforge.net
> Hello,
> attached another patch.
> Changes:
> 1.  arch= `uname -m`   --> arch=`uname -m` (white space removed)
> 2.  added  summary file for printing results table
Thanks for this. It's nice to have a summary of results.

> 3.  added reboot command to test script.
> Some notes about 3:
>  I verified kdump behaviour on 2.6.21 kernel.org kernel. In some cases
> target (qemu in my case) doesn't reboot. And test cycle stops. I think
> that
> it will be reasonably to run all test and print summary table which tests
> are pass and which are not.
> Also I don't like that testing module names lkdtm.ko. Main stream kernel
> already has module with such name. So test module will not be loaded if
> this module already exist in the kernel.
The lkdtm module was specifically written for the certain
distributions. Later we thought it will be useful for mainline
kernels also. Now that the tests could be used with mainline
kernels we probably could change the tests to use the lkdtm
module from kernel[instead of using the tools/lkdtm modules],
if running the tests on kernel.org kernels. Just a thought.

It should be easy to change insmod to modprobe in tests file. Can tools/lkdtm be useful in future? Or they have something RH/SUSE specific?



Best regards,
Maxim Uvarov