I have a query regarding a testcase in LTP.
we have developed a filesystem of our own and I am testing the filesystem  using LTP.
i am using ltp-full-20041007  testsuite and intel machine.
I have a testcase which is failing  on our filesystem and is getting passed on ext2.
The testcase is ftest01.c ( ltp-full-20041007/testcases/kernel/fs/ftest01.c )
In this testcase, the max_size  is the maximum size of the file, which is
    max_size=K_1 * K_1 where K_1 = 1024.
when I change this max_size to max_size= K_1, then the testcase passes on my filesystem and also on ext2.
I didnt get why this is happening.
CAN ANYONE HELP ME IN THIS REGARD,  thank you  for your suggestions.
vinay kalkoti