This is great!  We appreciate it very much.  Thank you

Amy To

On 4/27/06, Peter Oberparleiter < > wrote:

Amy To wrote:
> We need feedback on our new site design!
The new design looks good. It feels cleaner and a lot less 'bulky' then
the current site. I like it!

There are a few things that I noticed though:


1. JavaScript: while JavaScript can be used to enhance a website
greatly, it should be possible to navigate without it (there still are a
few systems that don't support it, some users don't trust web sites and
turn it off by default). The current new site doesn't work with
JavaScript turned off.

2. Font size: the upper navigation bar relies on fixed font sizes. When
I increase the font size (ctrl-+ in Firefox), the navigation bar becomes
unreadable because the background image doesn't scale and the text color
is white which becomes invisible on the unscaled white background.

3. Orientation: the current navigation bar design only gives feedback on
which category the user is currently in, not which page he's watching.
Some sort of highlighting the currently selected page in the lower
navigation bar might provide a better means of orientation for users.


1. The big Tux crash test dummy logo: IT'S SCARING ME! Can we remove it?
The small one in the header is ok, but seeing the cute penguin with all
those stitches in close-up format just feels.. wrong. Maybe it can be
replaced by an LTP text logo?

2. Page width. the site is designed using a fixed pixel width. This may
pose problems on some output devices (who knows, maybe someone wants to
look at the pages from a mobile device?). Better to use relative width
statements (%).


1. Is there a way to get an automated 'last modified on...' footer for
each page? This would help users rate the up-to-dateness of a particular
piece of information.

2. The slogan: this isn't really a design question, but still: "You
could learn a lot from the LTP" - for me it feels as if there's a hint
of arrogance in that statement. Somewhere between the lines I read: "The
LTP knows better.". Maybe that's just me though...

Hope this helps.

  Peter Oberparleiter