Hi everyone,
I am currently working on genhtml a perl program that generates HTML output from the ltp info files. I was working on showing the BA tags in the HTML. I managed to complete the task, but a few very interesting question raised while I compared the output with the info files (I compared arch\i386\kernel\acpi\boot.c, arch\i386\kernel\apic.c, and \drivers\acpi\ac.c):
1.         How can a line, which has been only instrumented and never executed, have a BA tag?
2.         How can a line, that was executed and contains a branching statement (like if), do not have a BA tag in the info files?
3.         How can a line, which does not have a branching statement (like a function call, return, or simple calculation), have a branching statement?
Can you please give me some clarity on these questions?
Thanks a lot,

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