Hi Peter,


This got resolved when i tried this in KERNEL/mm/Makefile



So basically some issue with KERNEL/mm/vmstat.gcno... right?


Now i am able to do a complete kernel run.


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Subject: Re: [Ltp-coverage] running LCOV/LTP on Beagle Bone Black - Cannot Allocate Memory Error

On 09.04.2014 11:18, shinto.john@smartplayin.com wrote:
> now while running "lcov -c -o coverage.info", this runs for ~5 minutes
> without any issues and then is stuck at this below*red *point for long
> time and never exits.
> So i did ctrl-C and tried the "genhtml coverage.info -o out" and it worked.
> I could see the LCOV report(Attached index.html) in "out" folder.
> But looks like complete kernel folders are not there in the LCOV report
> as it was stuck at below point.
> Any comments?
> include/asm-generic/bitops/arch_hweight.h:source file is newer than
> graph file '/home/mallikarjun.bc/LTP/Download/linux-dev/KERNEL/mm/vmstat.gc'
> /home/mallikarjun.bc/LTP/Download/linux-dev/KERNEL/arch/arm/include/asm/bitops.h:source
> file is newer than graph file '/home/mallikarjun.bc/LTP'
> include/linux/workqueue.h:source file is newer than graph file
> '/home/mallikarjun.bc/LTP/Download/linux-dev/KERNEL/mm/vmstat.gcno'
> include/linux/nodemask.h:source file is newer than graph file
> '/home/mallikarjun.bc/LTP/Download/linux-dev/KERNEL/mm/vmstat.gcno'
> *include/linux/kernel.h:source file is newer than graph file
> '/home/mallikarjun.bc/LTP/Download/linux-dev/KERNEL/mm/vmstat.gcno'*

Try running top while lcov is stuck and see if there's a process using
up a lot of CPU time. It might be that you are affected by a gcov bug.

Peter Oberparleiter
Linux on System z Development - IBM Germany