Dear manager,

This is wangying from china.I want to analyze the linux kernel code coverage rate with the gcov tool.But I meet a issue now,please help me.

My issue is : After running the ltp test cases on my test board, there didn't have any analyse data under /proc/gcov/, and the vmlinux was still 0kb.

Test enviroment:arm-linux platform(arm-v6) with 2.6.29 kernel, yaffs file system which include the ltp test cases.

Gcov porting method:

1.Download the gcov-kernel patch for linux 2.6.29 from

2.Make menuconfig for the kernel,config the "GCOV coverage profiling".


Rebuilt the kernel and flash the zimage to my arm-linux test board.

Insmod the gcov-proc.ko after my test board bootup, the gcov module was insmod sucessfully. After insmod, the /proc/gcov folder was gernerated and the vmlinux in it is 0kb.

"gcov-proc: initializing proc module: persist=0 link=1 format=gcc 3.4
gcov-proc: init done"


If possible, please tell me how to resolve my issue and I hope the gcov tool could be use well on our arm-linux enviroment.Thanks~



Best wishes&Smile every day(*^__^*)

Yours sincerely Ying Wang


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