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From:   Peter Oberparleiter [mailto:oberpapr@softhome.net]
Sent:   Thu 1/27/2005 5:52 AM
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Cc:     Suchitra Kolipaka
Subject:        Re: [Ltp-coverage] merging coverage data

Suchitra Kolipaka wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there an option to lcov that would merge 2 sets of .da files that
> were obtained on the same source, but on 2 different environments?

You need to differentiate between LCOV which generates .info files and
GCOV/gcc which generate .da files. I don't know of any tool which adds
.da file contents, but LCOV has a command line option '--add' which does
exactly that for .info files.

Usage example:
   lcov -a tracefile1.info -a tracefile2.info -o tracefile_result.info

   Peter Oberparleiter