Hi all:
When I boot up the new kernel patched the gcov patch, all files relate gcov in /proc/gcov/ directory are all named as .tmp_xxx.gcda an d .tmp_xxx.gcno.
for example the signal.c file in the kernel directory will have follow files .tmp_signal.c, .tmp_signal.gcda and .tmp_signal_gcno
Is this result right? how do I use these this files?  For when I access kernel data as follows:
lcov --capture --output-file kernel.info 
I got error information:

Copying kernel data to temporary
directory /tmp/tmpdir607
Capturing coverage data from /tmp/tmpdir607 Found gcov version: 3.4.5 Scanning /tmp/tmpdir607 for .gcda files ...
ERROR: no .gcda files found in /tmp/tmpdir607!
Removing temporary directory /tmp/tmpdir607
but if  I rename all the .tmp_xxx.gcna and .tmp_xxx.gcno files to xxx.gcna and xxx.gcno, I can got the kernel.info.
Is this kernel info reliable?
best regards!