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 doc 2000-10-13 nstraz nstraz [ce6eed] Still adding examples for pan.
 doio 2000-07-27 alaffin alaffin [cc2e55] New additions:
 include 2000-09-06 nstraz nstraz [829b40] - lib/parse_opts.c (parse_opts): Initialize all...
 lib 2000-09-07 alaffin alaffin [3c8699] Update tst_sig.c to use tst_setup_signal() to s...
 pan 2000-10-12 nstraz nstraz [830a65] Added ltp results for a machine running 2.4.0-t...
 results 2000-10-13 nstraz nstraz [26dce5] Added some LTP results from my SGI 230 running ...
 runtest 2000-11-16 nstraz nstraz [15fa09] Adding pipeio, which is a tool that creates chi...
 tests 2000-11-16 nstraz nstraz [15fa09] Adding pipeio, which is a tool that creates chi...
 tools 2001-01-22 nstraz nstraz [ed8fe6] Adding a tools directory for programs that aren...
 COPYING 2000-05-05 whr whr [b973f2] Initial source for rwtest/doio in LTP
 CREDITS 2000-09-07 alaffin alaffin [3c8699] Update tst_sig.c to use tst_setup_signal() to s...
 ChangeLog 2000-09-18 alaffin alaffin [bc4142] Checkin mmap001 from Juan Quintela's memtest su...
 INSTALL 2000-10-31 nstraz nstraz [769577] - Fixed a typo in INSTALL
 Makefile 2000-09-14 nstraz nstraz [f307d5] Add pan and associated files. This is a lightw...
 README 2000-09-26 nstraz nstraz [0312c2] Documentation updates 2000-09-20 alaffin alaffin [879684] Remove runtest. Change to use pan. 2000-09-21 nstraz nstraz [cd87d6] Added support for output formatting, redirectio...

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Linux Test Project

About the Linux Test Project

The Linux Test Project aims to develop a set of tools and tests to verify the
functionality and stability of the Linux kernel.  We hope this will support
Linux development by making unit testing more complete and minimizing user
impact by building a barrier to keep bugs from making it to the user.  The main
goal of the project is regression and functional testing, but there are many
ways this project can grow.  

In the Package
Here is a short description of what is included in this package

	Installation documentation and quick start guide

	This document

	Credits to those who have contributed to the project.

	GNU Public License

	An incomplete list of changes to the project.  We will try harder to
	keep this up to date.

	Top level make file for LTP.
	A simple script to run all of the packaged tests in sequential order and
	report the over all result.  

	Documentation for the project including man pages for some of the
	tools and library functions.

	The doio directory contains three tools: doio, iogen, and growfiles.
	These are elaborate filesystem tests for stressing and testing the
	functionality of the filesystem.  There is also a wrapper for doio
	and iogen called rwtest.  Command examples for these tools can be
	found in runtest/fs.

	The include and lib directories contain headers and codes for common
	routines used by many of the tests.  We have tried to keep this to a

	To date the tests directory contains a number of simple tests called
	'quickhitters'.  These tests are designed to be simple and quick and
	be run in conjunction with each other.  They have some use as stand
	alone tests, but when run many-at-a-time, interesting issues can come

	This directory should be removed.  Currently it houses command lists that
	are used by pan for automated testing.
	The pan directory contains a simple, lightweight test harness.  pan
	has the ability to run tests randomly and in parallel.  See pan's man
	page for more information.

Be careful with these tests!

Don't run them on production systems.  Growfiles, doio, and iogen in particular
stress the I/O capabilities of systems and while they should not cause problems
on properly functioning systems, they are intended to find (or cause) problems.

Contact Information and Updates


Questions and comments should be sent to the LTP mailing list at  To subscribe, send mail to with
"subscribe ltp" in the body of the message.

A list archive is available at

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