Commit [a4f5e2]  Maximize  Restore  History remove RECORD and eliminate "|| RC=$?"

1) In xinetd.conf, `RECORD' is not a valid value for entry `log_on_failure'
(I couldn't find a distro in which it's valid), and it makes xinetd
successfully starts and promptly exit with error message:

"Bad log_on_failure flag: RECORD [file=/etc/xinetd.conf] [line=6]",

but the test will pass because telnet service is not started and that's
what it expect.

2) Eliminate '|| RC=$?' because because it may not be excecuted and the
original value in RC can mess things up. Also remove the RC=0
initializations that are now unnecessary.

Signed-off-by: Simon Xu <>

Simon Xu Simon Xu 2013-11-08

Cyril Hrubis Cyril Hrubis 2013-11-11

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