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The following things need to be rewritten/fixed


This should generate dummy tmpfs partitions and delete them after the testcase is
done as this test isn't executable on most systems (unless we're lucky and
someone setup quotas on it already). A good amount of legwork was done with
lib/mount_utils.c, but I've backed that out because it needed more polishing to
get to a functional state, and the device *should* be generated outside of the
quotactl01 test and destroyed at the end.

The following items need fixing with the new Makefile infrastructure:

1. Uses pushd / popd, which isn't present in busybox.

1. This test requires JFS support, which most systems don't have. So a set of
   proper autoconf tests need to be added for this as well.

-  Is written in perl; should be rewritten in POSIX compliant bourne shell.

1. Add in logic to install at runtime; you have to run it from the source tree
   today, s.t. the runtest file is broken.

1. There's a $(shell ) call in the Makefile that needs to be replaced.

1. These tests need to be fixed because they use make / install logic in the

tag=mc_opts stime=1255502705
cmdline="export TCsrc=$LTPROOT/testcases/network/multicast/mc_opts; mc_opts"
gethostbyname*: Host name lookup failure
install: cannot stat `/tests/ltp/opts': No such file or directory
install: cannot stat `/tests/ltp/opts_e': No such file or directory
mc_opts: doing /tests/ltp/testcases/bin/mc_opts.
Running mc_opts opts_e on
/tests/ltp/testcases/bin/mc_opts: line 86: /tests/ltp/bin/mc_opts13780/opts: No such file or directory
mc_opts: doing /tests/ltp/testcases/bin/mc_opts.
mc_opts: doing /tests/ltp/testcases/bin/mc_opts
Test Failed: opts  failed
duration=1 termination_type=exited termination_id=1 corefile=no
cutime=1 cstime=6

1. This needs to be integrated into the build with a Makefile, as it's not
   getting copied over with the install.

1. There are duplicate sourcefiles because I don't feel confident as far as
   the changes were concerned on the sourcefiles and I was running into
   compile issues with the IPv6 code.

1. Many of the scripts are installing themselves using the old-status quo
   method of hardlinking into $(abs_top_srcdir)/testcases/bin, which means
   that all of the scripts are being linked to the file
   $(abs_top_srcdir)/testcases/bin .

1. Uses pushd / popd, which isn't present in busybox.

1. netpipe* needs fixing and reorg, because it's referencing /home/mpich, etc.

1. Could and should be rewritten in a unified awk wrapper.

Other items of issue are listed below (from testscripts/ltp-missing-install-files.py):

io-output.log: Tag | App
io-output.log: runfstests.sh runfstests.sh
ipv6-output.log: Tag | App
ipv6-output.log: finger601 finger601
ipv6-output.log: ping601 ping601
ipv6-output.log: rlogin01 rlogin01
ipv6-output.log: tcpdump601 tcpdump601
ipv6-output.log: telnet01 telnet01
ipv6_expect-output.log: Tag | App
ipv6_expect-output.log: rlogin01 rlogin01
ipv6_noexpect-output.log: Tag | App
ipv6_noexpect-output.log: /scratch/ltp-install5/testcases/bin/echo01 /scratch/ltp-install5/testcases/bin/createfile
modules-output.log: Tag | App
modules-output.log: delete_module01 delete_module01
modules-output.log: delete_module02 delete_module02
modules-output.log: delete_module03 delete_module03
multicast-output.log: Tag | App
multicast-output.log: /scratch/ltp-install5/testcases/bin/mc_opts /scratch/ltp-install5/bin/mc_opts9521/opts
stress.part3-output.log: Tag | App
stress.part3-output.log: /scratch/ltp-install5/testcases/bin/mc_opts /scratch/ltp-install5/bin/mc_opts4243/opts
tcp_cmds-output.log: Tag | App
tcp_cmds-output.log: /scratch/ltp-install5/testcases/bin/echo01 /scratch/ltp-install5/testcases/bin/createfile
tcp_cmds-output.log: rlogin01 rlogin01
tcp_cmds-output.log: telnet01 telnet01
tcp_cmds_expect-output.log: Tag | App
tcp_cmds_expect-output.log: rlogin01 rlogin01
tcp_cmds_expect-output.log: telnet01 telnet01
tcp_cmds_noexpect-output.log: Tag | App
tcp_cmds_noexpect-output.log: /scratch/ltp-install5/testcases/bin/echo01 /scratch/ltp-install5/testcases/bin/createfile

/tests/ltp/output/tcp_cmds_noexpect-output.log:sendfile01    1  TFAIL  :  Test broken: gethost: command not found

/tests/ltp/output/ipv6-output.log:sh: echo601: command not found
/tests/ltp/output/ipv6-output.log:ftp01       1  TFAIL  :  Test broken: ftp: command not found
/tests/ltp/output/ipv6-output.log:sh: perf_lan6: command not found
/tests/ltp/output/ipv6-output.log:rcp01       1  TFAIL  :  Test broken: rcp: command not found
/tests/ltp/output/ipv6-output.log:rsh01       1  TFAIL  :  Test broken: rsh: command not found
/tests/ltp/output/ipv6-output.log:rwho01      1  TFAIL  :  Test broken: rsh: command not found
/tests/ltp/output/ipv6-output.log:sh: sendfile601: command not found