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This is a README to describe the ltp-devel.patch functional changes.

"make install" is to build and install:


"make package" is to rpm package what was installed above:


For someone wanting to write a standalone test that uses "libltp.a", then
the Makefile to compile their test program would look like this:

	test: test.c
		$(COMPILE.o) $(OUTPUT_OPTION) $^ `pkg-config --cflags --libs ltp`

To read manual pages, then the developer would type:
(Most Important man pages)

	man usctest
	man ltp-pan
	man tst_res
	man tst_sig
	man tst_set_error
	man tst_tmpdir
	man parse_opts

	man ltp-bump
	man doio
	man iogen
	man forker
	man pattern
	man random_range_seed
	man string_to_tokens
	man get_attrib
	man parse_open_flags
	man parse_ranges
	man random_range
	man rmobj
	man str_to_bytes
	man write_log