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runltp: syscalls/mount0* and inotify03 tests are getting skipped from runltp's execution

Some of the tests which require a block device for their execution are skipped
when runltp is run without any block device being specified on commandline.Most
of such tests are from syscalls group and as a work around to make these tests
run even when no block device is specified,I have made use of loopback device
to create a block device with ext4 filesystem. So,runltp is modified to create
a block device and set the values for DEVICE and DEVICE_FS_TYPE accordingly.

Following are the skipped tests:
inotify03 inotify03 -D DEVICE -T DEVICE_FS_TYPE
mount01 mount01 -D DEVICE -T DEVICE_FS_TYPE
mount02 mount02 -D DEVICE -T DEVICE_FS_TYPE
mount03 mount03 -D DEVICE -T DEVICE_FS_TYPE
mount04 mount04 -D DEVICE -T DEVICE_FS_TYPE
umount01 umount01 -D DEVICE -T DEVICE_FS_TYPE
umount02 umount02 -D DEVICE -T DEVICE_FS_TYPE
umount03 umount03 -D DEVICE -T DEVICE_FS_TYPE

Signed-off-by: Ramesh YR <>
Signed-off-by: Wanlong Gao <>

Ramesh YR Ramesh YR 2013-04-16

Wanlong Gao Wanlong Gao 2013-04-16

changed runltp
runltp Diff Switch to side-by-side view

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