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[0772b1] by robbiew robbiew

Added this script file from /usr/src/linux/scripts to add additional
info on system configuration to the output.

2001-10-12 21:03:46 Tree
[592889] by robbiew robbiew

Modified the note on users/groups.

2001-10-12 20:51:55 Tree
[a2592b] by robbiew robbiew

Added IDcheck to the end.

2001-10-12 20:49:09 Tree
[3f9a88] by robbiew robbiew

This is used to verify existence of required users/groups.

2001-10-12 20:39:17 Tree
[5be3ca] by robbiew robbiew

Added note regarding the need for nobody,bin,and daemon users/groups.

2001-10-12 20:21:49 Tree
[77a52c] by plars plars

main thread exit hang on smp workaround implemented

2001-10-11 16:59:46 Tree
[23814d] by plars plars


2001-10-11 16:41:11 Tree
[bb9b67] by plars plars

execve06 fix

2001-10-11 15:20:09 Tree
[3bf562] by robbiew robbiew

Made changes recommend by Matt Trout.

2001-10-04 18:41:13 Tree
[bc32c0] by robbiew robbiew

Made changes recommended by Matt Trout.

2001-10-04 18:33:01 Tree
[0989fe] by robbiew robbiew

Corrected the export lines in nfs01 and changed the mkstemp to mktemp in
open_files.c. The permission settings used in mkstemp will not work with this test.

2001-10-03 17:11:40 Tree
[5be124] by robbiew robbiew

Corrected the export lines, mkdir instruction for tmp directory, and simplified
a grep line.

2001-10-03 16:39:04 Tree
[2d6941] by robbiew robbiew

Corrected export commands.

2001-10-03 16:30:20 Tree
[c6d09b] by plars plars


fixes signal 11 problem

2001-10-02 18:45:35 Tree
[b6b841] by robbiew robbiew

sendfile correctly renamed to sendfile01.

2001-10-02 16:03:59 Tree
[e3f261] by robbiew robbiew

Cases for invalid act and oact parameters should expect EFAULT, not EINVAL.

2001-10-01 19:12:52 Tree
[6c3f66] by nstraz nstraz

Fixing some long standing bugs with buffered output.
1. An fd leak whenever exec fails.
2. Not removing output buffer files when exec fails.

If you use the -O option with pan, this is a recommended fix.

2001-09-28 21:56:46 Tree
[64d7fe] by nstraz nstraz

This test was incorrectly labelled chdir02. Fixed.

2001-09-26 21:34:54 Tree
[cbf6dc] by plars plars


2001-09-25 19:54:46 Tree
[9cbd16] by robbiew robbiew

Updated with IBM information.

2001-09-25 19:38:44 Tree
[c52451] by robbiew robbiew

Decided we should start using this file, but since SO MUCH has been done...I
just put the latest change and we can start from there.

2001-09-25 19:36:25 Tree
[a51352] by robbiew robbiew

File is no longer needed in new structure.

2001-09-25 19:33:05 Tree
[f08e1c] by robbiew robbiew

Tests have been moved into new strucure.

2001-09-25 19:27:11 Tree
[1d9020] by robbiew robbiew

Files have been moved into the new structure.

2001-09-25 19:24:44 Tree
[5ca149] by robbiew robbiew

Moved to the new structure.

2001-09-25 19:14:52 Tree
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