#4 Fails to install


Sorry to post this as a feature request but I do not
see any other forum for support. I am running
WindowsXP on an HP Pavilion zv6000 with an AMD Athlon
64 3200+ processor.

I downloaded the lsipsectool_installer, ran it and it
did nothing but overwrite my existing Cygwin
installation. There are no icons, menu items or
executables that I can find. I'll paste in the details
from an e-mail I sent to the openswan mailing list
(someone there suggested your product as by far and
away the best windows client). Thanks - John

OK - I'm starting to feel really stupid here. I run
lsipsectool_installer.exe and it launches a cygwin
installation. I
first tried installing from local source (I already had
installed). It finished installing. I did not check
create icons
because I already had cygwin icons. It then said
"nothing to install"
and exited. No lsipsectool icons. I thought maybe it
wanted to install
Cygwin itself to be happy so I let it download from the
Internet (it
backleveled me) and had the same results.

After Paul's e-mail, I thought maybe the problem was
that I needed to
let it create icons so I tried again and clicked those
boxes. The same

Then I thought my previous installation of the ebootis
tool was
interfering. So, I ripped out my cert and key, removed
my ipsec
connection definitions, deleted the snapins, renamed my
ipsec directory
and removed the Microsoft Support Tools. I deleted all
my cygwin
directories to create as clean a slate as possible. I
ran the
installation routine. It installed cygwin and exited.
No lsipsectool.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I even downloaded
the installer from
sf.net/projects/lsipsectool again in case something was
damaged in my
download (not that I'd suspect a damaged archive to
install!). What in
the world am I missing? I'd really like to get this
installed in the
next few hours so I can present it as an alternative
before the window
for this project closes. Thanks - John


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