All prescriptions are issued by our licensed U.S. physicians and prescriptions are dispensed by a licensed U.S. pharmacy that practices in compliance with FDA regulations. Always Available: % v|@grA ^ V|a|lium + XA:n:ax + .Soma. ) Pn:t:ermin % A:t|v@n Plus: Acyc|0:vir, Pr0:z@c, P@.xil, Bu'sp@r, Ad`|pex, I0nam:|n, M3ridi:a, X3nic:a|, Ambi'3n, S0:naTa, Fl3x:eril, C`e|3brex, Fi0ric3't, Tram@do:|, U|tr.@m, L3v|`tra, Pr`0p3cia We don't require any prescriptions. All we can give, all you can get. Now. And the magic of the sea. A whisper, and then a silence: In the midnight and the snow! It flutters and murmurs still: