Experts say proper poultry controls - such as preventing wild birds getting in to poultry houses - which are present in the UK, should prevent that happening. Each person with asthma reacts to a different set of triggers. Why are boxing injuries different to those in other sports? People with severe agoraphobia, for example, may find it difficult to venture out of their homes.
How many people suffer from the disorder?
It is important that medical conditions you have - for instance, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, chest pain - are investigated and treated appropriately before surgery.
Attacks can be only occasional or frequent. However, in about half of the cases a cause is not found.
If you do have a bad back probably the worst thing you can do is take to your bed. This is particularly important when performing tasks, such as lifting, that carry an increased risk of injury.
It can be the only intervention needed, but its success can depend on the location of the tumour and whether or not it is easy to reach. This allows your respiratory tract to recover and will help your breathing during and after the anaesthetic. Symptoms range from mild to moderate to severe and can be life-threatening.
The longer the baby can be safely kept in the womb, the less likely IVH is to occur - particularly at its most severe grades. The condition is treated through an operation called Kasai-portoenterostomy. Once a patient learns what their signs are they can become better at recognising an attack before it gets out of control. They are described as feeling similar to taking deep breaths of very cold air in winter.
But he is suffering from Parkinson's Disease and there is only circumstantial evidence to suggest it was brought on by his boxing career.
The diagnosis is extremely subjective, relying heavily on interpretation of behaviour patterns rather than any physical test. Anxiety disorders often respond well to treatment. Once a patient learns what their signs are they can become better at recognising an attack before it gets out of control.
In some instances it appears that a baby somehow forgets how to breathe.
He has now become a trainer and boxing pundit. This inflammation makes the joints painful, stiff, and swollen, and in severe cases can significantly restrict movement. Full thickness burns, also known as third degree burns, involve the whole thickness of the skin, including the deeper sweat glands.
Steroids may be given to reduce any swelling in the brain.
After cooling, remove clothing from the burnt area, but do not try to pull off clothing that has stuck to the skin as this may cause more damage.