I agree. Guillaume Thouvenin and I already looked at PAGG and Guillaume is in touch with people working on PAGG (Erik and/or Paul, not sure).


Gerrit Huizenga wrote:
On Mon, 24 May 2004 18:08:03 +0200, Jean-Pierre Dion wrote:
Hi all,

I experienced several disconnections during conf call...

Gerrit, at a moment you started to ask me something, then I was 
disconnected, then the time it took me to come back the discussion was 
running in another direction.

Was your question about ELSA accounting project ?

It was indeed.  I think Hanna may have included the path but the
discussion was about CSA (which I think your team looked at) depended
in part on PAGG.  I'd like to make sure we do a commonality assesment
between CSA and ELSA; making the path to ELSA available would help
with that (elsa.sf.net or sf.net/projects/elsa).  The goal of both
projects appears to be to improve Linux's accounting capabilities;
there may be some shared value in looking at the commonality of the
two projects.



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