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newer is OBD II and any car 1995 or older is OBD IAfter you've entered this data, you'll be ready to calibrate and subsequently make your first pass
To keep the water in its liquid state longer, higher pressure caps can be used to raise the fluidís On the drag racing front, Skunk2 has K-powered all-motor cars ripping the quarter mile in 9.85 seconds, while Papadakis is still taking his AEM RWD Pro Civic into record-setting territoryThis is a great feature to have, especially when diagnosing a genuine problem

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surrendering your car to the local towing yard keeps you from yanking your converter, there stillIn 1991, about 5 percent of all Honda engines had VTEC technology
The difference between the Laptop Dyno and the inertial dyno were negligible at best, with a difference of less than 2 hp and lb-ft of torqueDiagnostics on the oxygen sensors can also be performed