Gerhard Skronn - 2002-08-28

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I would love it if someone would look into porting parts or all of
the project components to the linux/*nix world. So a few

- Large parts of the system (the base lib, networking code
many modules in the main engine lib lroa) are descendants of
our old 2d prototyping system. The server for that did run
under linux! Most of that code should still be portable with
very little source massage.

- the latest source is always available via public cvs access.
A tarball package as additional download would be one of the
first jobs of anyone attempting a port :)

- With respect to using SDL and various solutions for 3d: the
matter is not that simple. As of now the system does not
have a native 3d engine. The WebDriver (used as the
underlying 3d solution) provides much more than what a
simple rendering api like OpenGl or a 2d lib like sdl could and
can not be simply replaced by any of those

- I have started working on a native 3d engine for the system
though. That will support both, OpenGL and Direct3D through
a driver layer. That system is very much in its infancy right
now. Anyone interested in having a look can access the
source code via cvs

Thanks for the request Gaetan.

- gsk