• John Osmond

    John Osmond - 2002-01-26

    I've got a problem running the software ... don't I allways  :)

    I can connect to the server with the client but all I get is a half screen picture (top part is all static) and the sound effects.  I can't move or chat  :(

    My computer is a Duron 600 with 640mb RAM, plenty of HDD space and running XP Home.  I downloaded and installed the WildTangent driver a couple of days ago and can ping the server at a wonderfull 700 average ... woohoo.

    Pls help  :)


    • Gerhard Skronn

      Gerhard Skronn - 2002-01-28

      Hi Oz.

      Sounds like you are connecting with the a00 release client? You need either the a01 .exe (available from the file release section here on sourceforge) or build  yourself from the CVS.

      - gsk

    • John Osmond

      John Osmond - 2002-01-28

      Thxs, that fixed the problem.  Movement is a bit slow tho, even in local mode.

      Is there a key for 'jump' ??

      • Gerhard Skronn

        Gerhard Skronn - 2002-01-28

        >> Jumping
        Not yet,no. Allthough the physics code does support jumping already , I did not get around to add the bits and pieces to let the player on the client use that. 

        >> slow movement
        Remember, poor old Dema is only strolling around (walking) slowly :) Support for running etc will be added soon.

        Now, if only I could interest one (or more) talented 3d modeler/animator to do a nice (fantasy themed) model and donate it to the project so that DEMA (thats the name of the model I use for the demo/test right now simply because its the only one I have) could go back to "quake land" from where she likly originates.

        - gsk

    • John Osmond

      John Osmond - 2002-01-29

      I tried to help  :)  I know a bloke who does some graphic stuff so I copied your help message and emailed it to him with the URL, you might hear from him.

      • Gerhard Skronn

        Gerhard Skronn - 2002-01-30

        Cool, thanks a bunch Oz.

        - gsk


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