Brice Johnson - 2003-03-21

Project Lead
Hello my name is Brice Johnson and I'm going to be starting a group for a Tomb Raider / Blood Raven type game. I've been looking through many engines.  What I decided to do instead of picking a engine right now and learning it,  is to look for a Project Leader and the 2 other programmers on our team will learn the engine he is proficient at.

Responsibility of a Project Leader

Must be proficient in all aspects of game create. This means working with the engine adding models and sound
Must respond to correspondence in a timely fashion. Being a project leader means many people will have questions for you. You'll need to check email every 1-2 days
When funding is available the Project Leaders will have a higher salary than other employees.

If you are interested email my at
Make sure to tell me which engine your proficient with since I'll be putting this on many different web sites.
You can also take a look at our web site if interested

Thanks for your time
Brice Johnson