• Anonymous - 2002-01-19

    When will a version of this game be available for testing?

    • Gerhard Skronn

      Gerhard Skronn - 2002-01-20

      Hi :)

      "The Game" itself will likely still take a long time. With taking the step from the 2D concept proofing system to 3D there still is a lot of work to be done laying the ground work before implementation of real game mechanics can even start. That is what this site is about.

      What does exist and CAN be tested so far for everyone interested in taking a peek:

      - the initial release (a00) of the engine either as a complete source package or as a client only, binaries package: With either you can connect to the testserver (online currently mostly on weekends only) and walk around a simple 3d area and chat with others (if anyone else is online).
      This release already supports simple physics, 3d first and third person views and full client server world synchronization.

      - the old 2d prototyping system. This is available for download from our main website ( and is a simple (graphically even primitive) but pretty complete and playable online rpg.

      - an old technology demo showing of wildtangent webdriver based 3d graphics running the test zone in a browser window (link is also on the demos and downloads page on the website)

      - gsk

    • Anonymous - 2002-01-20

      Cool.  Thanks for answering.  The initial release fo the pre alpha engine looks pretty cool.

      • Anonymous - 2002-01-20

        Another question if you don't mind.  Can you give us any hints as to what the classes and races will be?

    • Gerhard Skronn

      Gerhard Skronn - 2002-01-21

      Dont mind at all :)

      I am afraid I can't give a detailed answer for this question right now. But, it is highly likely that we will stay with a system that , at it's core, is classless (skillbased system) but offers "class templates" to make initial character creation easier.

      - gsk

    • Anonymous - 2002-01-21

      k thankyou


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