hey Erio

  • John Osmond

    John Osmond - 2002-01-20

    good to see you fellas are still out there  :)  I've downloaded the new software so I'll see if I can break one of those game servers again  :)

    I see you are looking for someone to look after the website.  What sort of stuff would you need doing ??  I know HTML and have got a site of my own but I don't know any of the PHP stuff.


    • Gerhard Skronn

      Gerhard Skronn - 2002-01-20

      Hi Oz

      Good to see you!

      Aye, finally some progress again. The 3D stuff is looking pretty good now and in the end the game might still happen :) Btw, I am really interested in any feedback with respect to how well the WebDriver works. So , if you got any trouble installing or running please let me know!

      With respect to the website, yes I would love if someone with a clue regarding html (I created the complete site using Frontpage, most of the time without much of an idea what I was actually doing there lol) could give it a workover. It needs removing/updating all the out of date stuff from the 2d prototype (like the server status page for example) and also maybe a general facelift in terms of the looks. Likely a lot of work but I can't really tell since this is definitely not my area of expertise. If you would like to give it a go, send me email to g_skronn@users.sourceforge.net :)

      - gsk


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