The LProf Google Summer of Code 2007 (tm) Project a Success.

The LProf Google Summer of Code 2007 (tm) project has been successfully completed. LProf participated under the umbrella of the OpenICC for Google Summer of Code 2007 organization . The enhancements and bug fixes that were part of the project are now contained in the LProf CVS main development line and will be part of all subsequent releases.

Joseph L. Simon III, mentored by Hal V. Engel the LProf project lead, did an excellent job completing the project. The LProf project would like to thank Joseph for his hard work and Google (tm), OpenICC for their support

This effort has resulted in the following LProf enhancements and bug fixes:

1. Three new profiling targets are now supported. Bringing the total number of supported targets to seven. LProf CVS now has support for the following profiling targets.

Hutch Color Target (tm). This support went in before the Google Summer of Code 2007 (tm) midterm. It has been fairly well tested on Linux and Windows. It should work on OS/X as well but is untested at this time. Tracker #1294751

GretagMacbeth ColorChecker (tm) 24 patch, SG and DC targets. ColorChecker (tm) 24 patch target support was in place prior to Google Summer of Code 2007 (tm). Support for ColorChecker SG (tm) and ColorChecker DC (tm) targets went in just before project completion. Tracker #1545504

IT8.7 - all three flavors. This is not new.

2. A long existing bug that prevented the reference file selector from sometimes working correctly when there were non-reference files in the same directory has been fixed. Tracker #1533542

3. Users no longer need to select a template when installing a reference file. The reference file installer will figure out what type of reference file it is installing and automatically select or, for Hutch Color Targets (tm), create the correct template. This was not part of the original proposal but Joseph discovered that the code he was putting in place to support the Hutch Color Target (tm) made this possible and it was decided to add this new feature. This greatly simplified the UI for the reference file installer and removes a possible source of user errors (IE. users can no longer select an incorrect template). Tracker #1745796

4. There is now much more checking done when a reference file is installed to make sure that users are installing a valid reference file and to prevent issues with users trying to install a non-reference file. There is no tracker item for this.

5. The Windows build for LProf is now working and is now in CVS but is currently lacking documentation. This was not working prior to the start of the Google Summer of Code 2007 (tm) project. Tracker #1732351

6. An existing bug on Windows machines where sometimes the reference file installer would return a file path that was missing a slash "/" has been fixed. This is a significant bug in existing Windows releases and accounts for perhaps 30% of all support requests from Windows users. Tracker #1734219

Posted by Hal Engel 2007-09-29

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