When new release? Why not every month a beta?

  • lennart

    lennart - 2008-05-29

    The last version was launched in 2006. I'm subscribed to some lists of Lprof and i see a lot of progress. But the product isn't finished. Is this a reason to NOT launch a new release? I hear many voices that say that Lprof from CVS is very capable.

    Why not releasing a beta or 'Work-in-progress' version? I'm  asking this, because imho Linux stands for a major breakthrough in Desktopworld (thanks to Ubuntu). A lot of graphical users stays with Windows because for the calibrating software. I'm not against Windows, but a decent release of Lprof would give the opensource world a boost. Calibrating is one of the last thresholds to switch over to Linux (besides video-editing in and ... ah ...  i don't know ;-)

    Look at Wine: after some complainants they compile every week or so a new release version. Not because Wine is ready, but to give the users the newest version. Why not compile every month (or so) a new (beta) release*? In that way, the opensource world would be served a lot!

    * = yes it's possible to compile it by myself. But the most people don't know how to compile. Especially people who switch over from Windows to Linux: the're spoiled with Gui's ;-)

    • Hal Engel

      Hal Engel - 2008-06-02

      We are a small project with very limited resources.  I would really like to have the resources to do regular releases but it is a huge effort that requires input from many people with a wide range of skills.  As an example there is a ton of work that needs to happen related to translating LProf and this work needs to be done for each release.  The effort needed to find volunteers for this is in itself a large job.  And that is just one area out of a long list.

      You are right that LProf CVS has a bunch of new functionality and some of the new features are very solid and would greatly benefit users.  On the other hand there are some parts of the new functionality that are very immature that are definitely not ready for the wider exposure that would happen with a formal release.  Basically it boils down to resources.  If we had more people to do the work we would be able to do releases more often.


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