• Rick Warburton

    Rick Warburton - 2005-11-07

    it says this software is platform independent.  does that mean that i can install and run it on Windows XP?

    thank you.

    • Hal Engel

      Hal Engel - 2005-11-08

      The software uses the QT widget set and does not have anything that is platform specific.  I have built and tested version 1.11 on Windows and all but one feature works.  This particular feature involves low level bitwise operations and also has a problem on big endian machines.  There is a fix for this in CVS but it has not yet been tested on either Windows or big endian machines.  

      It was difficult to get it to build on Windows with non-free versions of QT as the Windows build systems are difficult to configure with free versions of QT and lcms has to be built in a non-standard way to get it to work with LPROF on Windows. 

      There is also a Windows binary of version 1.09 available here ttp:// This version is nearly the same as the current stable release 1.10.1 with only minor differences.  But I have not tested the Windows binary of version 1.09.

      So the answer is yes it can be built to run on Linux, Mac OS/X and Windows or presumably on any platform where QT is available.  I would like to find someone to volunteer to handle Windows and OS/X builds and to assist with testing and debuging issues on these platforms.   Would you be interested?


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