I have a idea for a new name for Lprof

  • pierluc

    pierluc - 2007-07-27

    Hello, I have an Idea for a new name for Lprof. The problem is that it's not easy for me to explain my idea in english. Can you give me the email address of the people who have translate the software in french. I will explain my idea to him and I think he will be able to translate it in english.

    I don't know if you interested to change the name of the software...

    I think it will be more easy to create a beautiful logo if the name mean something.

    When I go to your web site a read that the "L" is "little" and the "prof" means "profiler".

    Little= Little CMS (I don't understand the link with little and CMS. Petit couleur ???)
    Profiler = the tools who use with this software
    CMS = an other complicate word

    When we read that we can understand the the word "Lprof". But, I think that it's not a very beautiful name for a software. It look like complicate and bizarre. The word like "firefox" are better.

    - It's easy to understand the word
    - It's easy to create a beautiful logo
    - It do not look like complicate
    - etc.

    • Hal Engel

      Hal Engel - 2007-07-27

      The name was selected by the original author of LProf - Marti Maria.  Marti is also the author of the Little Color Management System (LCMS) and origianlly LProf was created as a demonstration of LCMS capabilities.  The Little in the title is a reference to the intention of keeping LCMS small or lite (IE. not use a lot of resources).  LCMS is a ICC color management engine (library) that is widely used on Linux, Unix and BSD platforms and is also used by some applications on Windows and OS/X.  As such you will find it installed on virtually every Linux workstation and also on many Windows and OS/X machines. 

      LProf has been a standard package in many Linux distros for a long time (some as far back as 2000) and I first learned of it when I started running Linux a few years ago when I found it was included as part of the SuSE 9.0 distribution.  So it would be difficult to change the name since it is now in widespread use and changing it would likely confuse many users as well as cause significant issues for distribution packagers.  Because of this long history the name is a recognizable "brand name" or trade mark.  On the other hand I will admit that many users have a hard time relating to the current name and when the project was first moved to sourceforge we considered changing the name.  But decided against it for the reasons listed above.

    • pierluc

      pierluc - 2007-07-31

      Ok, I understand.

      But, can we said that Lprof is the name of the technologies and the graphic part is name ibloui (my idea, I can talk about it in french but in english it will be not easy for me). Like Firefox are the name of the browser and the technologies is Gecko. So, nobody will be confuse by the change. Or, you can said that its ibloui-lprof like firefox-mozilla, after 6 moth all people will said the first part of the name.

      It's just an idea...

    • Hal Engel

      Hal Engel - 2007-07-31

      I am not sure I understand where ibioui comes from or what it means. Using Babel Fish to try to translate it from French to English yielded  nothing.

      A name change to an established software product/project is only done for very compelling reasons since it results in significant issues all along the distribution chain.  The example that comes to mind is gimp-print which was changed to guten-print.  One of their reasons for doing this was to make it clear that this was not just a set of print drivers for users of GIMP but that these drivers would work with any application that needed high quality printer drivers.  Even at that it took them months to make the transition and many distros still have these drivers listed under gimp-print in spite of the fact that the name was changed over a year ago (it is getting close to two years at this point).

      In addition to the external issues that would need to be dealt with there are literally 100s of places in the software code and documentation that would need to be changed and there are significant issues with moving the project to another "unix name" on sourceforge as well.  In short a name change would be very disruptive to the project and would need resources that are currently in short supply.

      With the amount of work involved in changing the name there would have be some very compelling reasons to do it.  I am willing to listen and who knows perhaps you can convince me that the name should be changed.  But for a starter you are going to have to come up with something better than "ibioui".  I find it less understandable than LProf.


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