Is it possible to create an autopackage Lprof

  • pierluc

    pierluc - 2007-08-28

    Hello, is it possible to create an autopackage of Lprof CVS?

    • Hal Engel

      Hal Engel - 2007-08-29

      It might be possible.  I have found documentation on the web about how to add autopackage to an Scons build and it appears that VDrift is an scons project that does autopackage. 

      But from my reading autopackage is limited to x86 and x86_64 systems and LProf will run on any architecture that supports the needed tools and libraries (PPC, SPARC, MIPS, PA-RISK, S-390, Alpha...).  Also doing this would require the packager to install several versions of GCC because LProf uses Qt (there are issues with C++ libraries and autopackage) so this makes things significantly more complicated for whoever is doing the packaging.  In addition, LProf is actually fairly easy and quick to build.  So I am not sure that I see any point to it.

      In other words there are two parts to this.  Making changes to the scons build to allow for autopackaging.  This should be fairly simple and I don't see this as a reason not to do this.  Second there is the work of setting up and maintaining an environment to actually create the packages.  This is significantly more work and would require that one of our developers maintain (ongoing work) such a system in order to create the packages.  For example to do this right the packager would either need two machines (x86 and x86_64) or would need to maintain a x86 chroot environment on a x86_64 machine with two versions of GCC installed on each.

      I know I don't have the time available needed to do this and I suspect that none of the current LProf developers do either.  On the other hand if someone stepped forward and said "I will handle everything including creating packages" I would very likely say "go for it".  But I don't think that is likely given how much effort will be needed and how little actual gain there is for the project.


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