Debian Sarge and others: LProf can't find QT

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2007-10-22

    My Linux is a Debian Sarge with libqt3-mt-dev installed.
    So I cannot tell lprof where my QT headers, binaries, etc are installed, because they're scattered around.
    Instead specifying the location of the bits, I would use make like this:
      make QT_BINDIR=/usr/bin QT_INCDIR=/usr/include/qt3
    But there is no option, no easy possibility which I know, to tell this lprof.
    So lprof cannot find my QT. So, now, what's to do?
    So, please, would anyone so kind, to tell me what to do, to get my lprof buildt and installed?
    Thank you.

    • Hal Engel

      Hal Engel - 2007-10-24

      See duplicate message in help forum.


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