#17 Windows port - QTiffIO

version 1.11
TODO (10)
Hal Engel

QTiffIO appears to not be portable. I am reluctant to
do much with the code since it belongs to someone else.
There is another project named TiffIO that does
basicly that same thing as QTiffIO and the author
claims it works on all platforms that support QT. He
claims to use it on a daily basis on Windows and I have
done some basic tests on Linux. Need to investgate and
decide if LPROF should switch from QTiffIO to TiffIO
fro tiff support.


  • Hal Engel

    Hal Engel - 2005-10-16
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  • Hal Engel

    Hal Engel - 2005-10-17

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    TiffIO works on both Linux and Windows. The author claims
    it will work on the Mac. So I will be switching from
    QTiffIO to TiffIO. This is a simple switch since all that
    is needed is to remove two lines of code from main.cpp and
    modify the build scripts to use the TiffIO libraries instead
    of QTiffIO.

    Should have changes in CVS later today.

  • Hal Engel

    Hal Engel - 2005-10-17
    • status: open --> closed

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