ACK_STOP_Q when printing from remote CUPS

  • Ubuntu User

    Ubuntu User - 2009-05-02

    I'm trying to print from a printer that is connected to my other computer. Though my other computer is setup with CUPS, I thought this wouldn't be a problem be cause of the "cups-lpd" compatibility layer. However whenever I attempt to directly to the printer I get this error message:
    blank@blank:~$ lpr -P -Dnetwork+3 test.txt
    lp: getconnection: START host, port <NULL>, timeout 10, connection_type 1
    lp: getconnection: fqdn found, h_addr_list count 1
    lp: getconnection: unix_socket_path /var/run/lprng/socket
    lp: Link_dest_port_num: port 515 = 515
    lp: getconnection: destination IP '' port 515
    lp: getconnection: Originate_port_DYN '512 1023' minportno 1023, maxportno 512
    lp: getconnection: minportno 0, maxportno 0, range 0, port_number 0
    lp: getconnection: AGAIN port 0, min 0, max 0, count 0, connects 0
    lp: getconnection: protocol 2, connection_type 1
    lp: getconnection: socket 4
    lp: getconnection: trying connect to '', timeout 10
    lp: getconnection: connect sock 4, status 0, err 'Success', timedout 0
    lp: getconnection: sock 4, src ip, port 36200
    lp: getconnection: dest ip, port 515
    lp: Set_linger: SO_LINGER socket 4, value 10
    lp: getconnection: connection to '' socket 4, errormsg 'Success'
    lp: Link_send: host '' socket 4, timeout 0
    lp: Link_send: str '^Blp'
    ', count 14, ack 0x???????
    lp: Link_send: final write status 0
    lp: Link_send: ack required
    lp: Link_send: read status '1'
    lp: Link_send: read 1, status NONZERO RFC1179 ERROR CODE FROM SERVER, ack=ACK_STOP_Q
    lp: Link_send: final status NONZERO RFC1179 ERROR CODE FROM SERVER
    Status Information, attempt 1 of 3:
    sending job 'blank@blank+639' to
    connecting to '', attempt 1
    connected to ''
    requesting printer
    job 'blank@blank+639' transfer to failed
      error 'NONZERO RFC1179 ERROR CODE FROM SERVER' with ack 'ACK_STOP_Q'
      sending str '^Blp' to
    Waiting 10 seconds before retry

    Does anyone have any idea?

    • grumpf_

      grumpf_ - 2009-05-02

      Hello ormris,
      thanks from your nice problem report but please add always
      the version of lpr you are using. (and in this case also the cups version).

      back to your Question:
      ACK_STOP_Q  1  means jobs  failed; no spooling to the remote queue
      (from LPRng-HOWTO)

      the problem is that can have several reason,
      * do cups actualy have an printer "lp" ?
      * do your cups require authentication ?

    • Ubuntu User

      Ubuntu User - 2009-05-23

      Thanks for the reply! I was acually able to fix the issue. The IP address in my /etc/printcap was one number off. :)

      • grumpf_

        grumpf_ - 2009-05-25

        thx for info :)

        i guess we should work on the errormessage.


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