Turn on printer filter ?

  • Bjarke Fjeldsted

    Hi, im working on gettting the printers to turn on, when im printing on them.
    I think the way forward is to add a filter, turning on the printer.
    I would think using a of filter is the most correct way, but im not picky.
    i have tried a couple of things, but anytime i add my filter, nothing prints.
    can anyone please show me how a "does nothing" filter would look like ?
    Most ideal, i would like to call the filter, as
    :filter=filtername /bin/sisplctl -o4
    and then get the filter to wait until the printer is ready, touch a temp file, that ill use to stop the printer again, and THEN send the print job.

    Any ideas ?

  • Patrick Powell

    Patrick Powell - 2012-02-07

    you need to encapsulate all of the filter workings in a simple script:


    #  start the printer
    #  sit in a busy loop - send output to stderr for the log
    #  copy stdin to stdout -
    #   cat
    #  exit 0


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