Anyone in a fairy country like the Land of Oz can do anything with it; so I left it with my friend the Princess Ozma, who used it to wish me in Australia with Uncle Henry,
Sub-Penny Rocket trial.

Lots of news on this company. Read it by tomorrow morning. if, is.
Integrated Software Development Ltd. He carried the money to the fat gentleman, who examined the pieces curiously, and there was a long conference between them before it was decided to accept them in payment for a room for a day. But at this season the hotel was almost empty, and when Rob protested that he had no other money the fat gentleman put the coins into his cash box with a resigned sigh and the waiter showed the boy to a little room at the very top of the building.

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Read the entire news release from Monday Closing-Market will. tell.
An Israeli software company providing enterprise software tools that enables small and medium size enterprises to optimize functions such as workforce management, contact center operations and asset management. you.

Tons of news on this company. Read it by tomorrow morning. If you missed plycf you know exactly what can happen to these sub-penny companies. Just a few weeks ago plycf was trading for the same exact price as IDVJ. Today, a few days later it is trading at 0.087 and higher. Imagine if you had picked up a few million shares at the low price when people first started taking notice? A couple hundred dollars could have netted you 1000s. Sub-Pennies are wild! Take a look and get up early! it, Rob washed and brushed the dust from his clothes, after which he sat down and amused himself by viewing the pictures that constantly formed upon the polished plate of the Record of Events And were you? asked Zeb, astonished at what he heard.

Of course; in just a jiffy.
Information in this report may contain forward looking statements within the meaning of section, 27A of the Securities act of 1933 and Section 21B of the SEC Act of 1934, statements that involve discussions of future events. And Ozma has an enchanted picture hanging in her room that shows her the exact scene where any of her friends may be, at any time she chooses.

Don't rely on them. Past perfor mamce isnt indicitive of future results. We have not received any payment for this advertisement for it but we are in talks and expect to receive a ca ssh payment from a third party, not an officer or director or Aff Li ate. Penny stocks are high risk. All she has to do is to say: 'I wonder what So-and-so is doing,' and at once the picture shows where her friend is and what the friend is doing.

If you are not a savvy investor we suggest you sit back and just watch. This report shall not be construed as any kind of recommendation ln vest ment advice or solicitation. It is a watch only, always Call your broker or ln vest ment advisor first. That's REAL magic, Mr. 12. Wizard; isn't it? Well, every day at four o'clock Ozma has promised to look at me in that picture, and if I am in need of help I am to make her a certain sign and she will put on the Nome King's Magic Belt and wish me to be with her in Oz.