Spooling several jobs at once - filter prob.

Bruce S.
  • Bruce S.

    Bruce S. - 2000-09-06

    We are working with another Unix provider, getting printing working at a remote site with their print process.
    We are using a filter that adds CR/LF to their jobs, as they cannot do it themselves.
    When they send a multiple page job (Example: 10 pages), it is sent to our remote linux server as a job per page (Example: 10 jobs, 1 page each).  We turned logging ON, and it showing that we are getting hit with these jobs ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
    The first page/job prints correctly, after that all 'escape' codes get dropped by the spooler.  They send sequences to adjust print size only.
    We have tried messing around with the filter file, with no success.
    If we capture one of their print jobs to a file, a 1 page job, and then try this command:

    #> lpr -Pnf2 /tmp/job ; lpr -Pnf2 /tmp/job ; lpr -Pnf2 /tmp/job

    We get the same problem, consistently.  It LOOKS like we are using lpr v50-4, straight off our RedHat 6.2 installation.
    If we capture several jobs into a file, and then print the file (which becomes one larger job instead of several small ones) the printing works perfectly.


    • Garance A Drosehn

      I think we'd need more information here.

      I don't know what you mean by "we are getting hit with these jobs ALL AT THE SAME TIME".  Does that mean you are getting ten separate jobs (as seen in 'lpq'), or that you are getting a single job with ten separate files?

      You also don't specify how you have set up your filter.  Are you using 'if=' or 'of='?  My guess is that you're using 'of=', and you really want 'if='.  While "output filter" sounds like the right thing to use, it's almost never what anyone really needs.

      disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the 'lpr' that is the basis of this project, or of redhat 6.2, but I do work with the lpr that's in FreeBSD (which is a much-updated version of what seems to be used for the base of this project).

      Also note that redhat 7.0 seems to have switched to lprNG as the default print system.  It might be that lprNG would help you out, too.


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