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LoveCMS 1.6.2 released


Posted by Astro 2007-10-16

LoveCMS 1.6 Beta released

After a lot of work, here is a best LoveCMS release ever. Give it a try. :)

Posted by Astro 2007-05-15

LoveCMS 1.5 Final released

What is new in final ?
- fixed all known bugs
- added filename filtering in attachments
- added confirmation on uninstall modules

Posted by Astro 2007-03-08

LoveCMS 1.5 RC1 released

LoveCMS 1.5 RC1 released

Posted by Astro 2007-03-04

LoveCMS 1.5 BETA2 Released

What's new ?

- rewritten content module with cleaner and safer code
- structure totally changed
- new template engine
- new modules engine
- three themes included
- installer now contains url and dir input (very important)
- you can select which page to be first in content
- module installing with simply uploading a .zip file
- add new content to menu instantly
- security totally rewritten (there were a lot of reports saying lovecms has a bad security)
- few new language definitions
- fixed error messaging system (reported by pawe)
- new version notice system is now cached
- added default_admin_theme (suggested by pawe)
- mysql connection now closes at the end
- etc.

Posted by Astro 2007-03-01

LoveCMS 1.5 BETA released

I am proud to release this major version of LoveCMS. There are a lot of changes and a lot of improvements.

Posted by Astro 2007-02-08

LoveCMS 1.4 Final released

I am proud to release a stable version of LoveCMS 1.4. There has been much improved and fixed from first BETA version.

You can grab your copy in download section of SourceForge.

Posted by Astro 2007-01-03

LoveCMS 1.3 released

* sidebar with blocks introduced
* javascript redirects removed
* core is now a module
* new template snippets
* install script rewritten
* some bugs fixed

Posted by Astro 2006-12-06

LoveCMS 1.2 released

* fixed redirection bug in menu module
* some improvements on install script
* fixed install script bug for mysql 4.x
* added content module to default install
* restructured admin menu
* added ability to link to content

Posted by Astro 2006-11-22

Version 1.1 is here

I am proud to release the 1.1 LoveCMS version that fixes some bugs and adds a new look to LoveCMS.

* new default theme
* new install interface
* improved module managment
* improved menu managment
* fixed few bugs

Posted by Astro 2006-11-21

LoveCMS 1.0 released

I am proud to release a first stable version of the smallest CMS on earth - LoveCMS. For a fresh install please follow "User guide" on this website or README file in the "docs" directory. First version comes with:

* install wizzard
* admin panel
* ability to install modules
* ability to install themes
* menu administration

You can grab your copy in download section on

Posted by Astro 2006-11-19