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Announcement: Losungen4Conky 2014 released


today I updated Losungen4Conky with the verses for 2014.
I also tested under various window managers and desktop environments (GNOME 3.10, KDE 4, LXDE 4, Openbox 3.5, XFCE 4) and added configurations instructions to show the texts flawlessly.


Posted by Sven Claussner 2013-12-21

Added Losungen 2013 texts

Hi! Today I added the Losungen 2013 texts. Enjoy!

Posted by Sven Claussner 2012-10-01

Announce: New version released


today I released a new version. A bug in the makefile was fixed, that occured in updated openSUSE versions (user now has the necessary read permissions to execute the program). Secondly I added the Losungen texts for 2012.
Hope you enjoy it!

Posted by Sven Claussner 2011-11-06

Announce: Version 1.1 released today


today I released version 1.1 of Losung4Conky. I fixed some issues with German umlauts and translated Losung4Conky sources to English (except the German messages for the users). So feel free to use!

Posted by Sven Claussner 2011-09-17