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Need new admin

Ok well thing have gone astray. And unfortunatly I dont have time to work on this project. So if there is anybody who wants to pick up the idea please contact me and you can be the admin simple as that. I can offer support if needed but I realy cant deticate my self to this project.
Regretfully Benjamin Tarrant concept author.

Posted by OldHat development 2007-07-14


The project has suffered some setbacks. Not a problem though. What we need to do is redesign a comunication model for development in design. As for us programmers we unfortuantly are waisting out time until we have som viable tools and resources to work with. The concepts had been layed out clear and simple however ideas attempted to rival the basic concept of a seamless massive old school rpg. This means a lot of work should have been done on the roll's and they playing not developing an engine and telling the story boarders how there story how it should be told. any work to the code should be on the tool basis and under R&D for developing methods to better handle data withing the game not the interface. Anyway beside that unfortunatly it appears graphics artist have no intrest in remembering the days of sprite editing so this is somthing that need to be delt with.
I know this all sounds like a gripe but it's not nobody is to blame it's just I failed to foster a working heirachy.... read more

Posted by OldHat development 2007-03-20


I hope everyone has had a merry christmass and a happy new years or celebration to that effect.
The Web site has been updated and I have started to contribute to the code. translations to the site are being done or have been. And a tool has been distributed to allow people to post resources, this tool will or should be extended to allow for translations, request, scripting and editing. Stroy bording is well underway and I hoping that we have a useable base script for the game soon. I'll be adding a how to section int the developer forum for now. anyway keep up the good work. chow.

Posted by OldHat development 2007-01-02

Resource Management Tool

A resource management tool has been made and is availible via cvs or requsting the jar directly to the project manager. you will recieve the current version and the access key if not already supplied by mail

Posted by OldHat development 2006-12-27

Merry Christmass

The Cristmass holidays are hear. So I hope everyone enjoys their holiday given they are having one. Best wishes and happy new year.

Posted by OldHat development 2006-12-22

Lights Camera Action

Well thing are all go. Many things are happing including the base of the engine to be posted soon and a vid of it in action chck this link out

Other aspect of the developemnts.
I have organized the forums so we cand better direct interacttion and most forum posts will be redirect to me aswell untill we have a better sturcture inplace the posts will be redirected to depatmet leaders I have have set all mail to go to me so I can enure that posts and interactions are maintain until the structure is there and we are all working on that system correctly without supervision.... read more

Posted by OldHat development 2006-12-15

Developer News

Current update. We have some new guys hopfully joing soon and very shorlty I will be adding the lost prject team bible so everyone knows what is happening so everybody will be on the same page. I will try to maintain this so I strongly recommend that this is read frequently to monitor changes and sudjectsion brought about by emails or forms. Somthing kinky was happing with my mail so i am sorry for people who may have received duplicate mail. Remeber we are all part of the creative team so any sudjestions can be brought up between different members or myself untill we have all the appropriate team leader will be noted in an up-to-date team structure section in the bible. Thank you for your efforts.
Benjamin Tarrant.

Posted by OldHat development 2006-12-14

Design Art and News

Along with the Team Struct Document and First Design Draft I Have added a non In-Game Screen Shot,This it what the project is aiming for I hope you like the Plans. Two Members have joined the project however we are still looking. If you have any sudjestions now is a good tie to add them to them feaure requests especialy big ideas as they will be easier to implement.
Thank you all from the OldHat Team

Posted by OldHat development 2006-12-10

Team Structure Document

This Document describes the Team Heirachy and should help you decide which part of the program you fell you would be best suited

Posted by OldHat development 2006-12-09

Thanks for the responce.

Hey the projects been open only two days now and already receiving mail. I wasn't expecting anything for a while. So I am really hopefull.
Note I am sorry for the lack of current goals but this project is designed to be compleatly open I dont want any creative control I am only one person and I am pritty sure that there are people more creative people out there than me. I you join this project it becomes our project not mine. I'll be to busy coding yor managing the team and project to wan't to even bother being a boss just a glue to keep this thing togeather.... read more

Posted by OldHat development 2006-12-07

Credits and Acknowlagments

All contributions to the game will be posted it the game credits unless specified otherwise. Additionaly once the website is opened if donations are made credits will also be acknowlaged with the bonus of a small logo added to the credits if so reqired.

Posted by OldHat development 2006-12-06

Framework Started

Friday 7th December 2006
As of yesterday I began to start building the framework for the project. I will be focusing on the program archetecture allowing for easy modification in the Planning stage. I have also created the splash screen in order to set a theme and goal for the project. Check out the Recuitment section to join this collaberative project today.

Posted by OldHat development 2006-12-06

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