Loris 1.2 released

Loris 1.2 has been released.

This is Loris 1.2. Loris 1.2 is a feature update to Loris 1.1. Loris 1.2 includes a consistent interface to AIFF, SDIF, and SPC files through the corresponding classes, including AIFF-style markers. Loris is now compatible with FFTW version 3. Loris no longer depends on the SDIF library from IRCAM. Utility programs have been added to the Loris distribution, including a program to perform the basic analysis and store the Partials in a SDIF file.

Regrettablly, the documentation is still catching up, and will not be up to date until the next release, but these significant new features seem to warrant early release.

Loris is an open source C++ class library implementing analysis, manipulation, and synthesis of digitized sounds using the Reassigned Bandwidth-Enhanced Additive Sound Model. Loris includes the Loris C++ class library, a c-linkable procedural interface, a scripting interface built using SWIG (www.swig.org), and documentation.

For more information about Loris and the Reassigned Bandwidth-Enhanced Additive Model, contact the developers at loris@cersloundgroup.org, or visit them at http://www.cerlsoundgroup.org/Loris/.

The primary distribution point for Loris is SourceForge (http://loris.sourceforge.net) and its mirrors.

Loris is free software. Please see the file COPYING for details.

For documentation, please see the files in the doc subdirectory.

For a list of major changes to Loris, organized by release number, please see the file NEWS.

Posted by Kelly Fitz 2004-08-02

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